Via Delhi A Twisted Tale of Love


Title: Via Delhi A Twisted Tale of Love

Author: Sabi Shaikh

Publisher: Gargi Publishers


Cover: 3/5

Writing Style: 3 /5

Presentation: 2/5

The title and the cover gives away pretty much the impression of the book. Although I would appreciate the subtle color scheme on the cover, impressive. The blurb is very fascinating and raised my bar of expectations from the book.

REVIEW:  It’s a tale of two cities; a love budding between Mridu from Dehradun and Saifuddin Khan from Hyderabad. As you can obviously guess there is indeed a social barrier between the two. Both happen to meet randomly at an unusual chat room and fall in love. This is a story of you, me and every reader or perhaps every lover.

The book is indeed in every way a twisted tale of love, bait, commitment issues, community divide and a journey of romance. Mridu and Saifu too had to stand the test of love; they had to swim across the tide. This story is yet another epitome of how the strength of love prevails over the shackles of society. There remains a constant hold of the ‘love fragrance’ in the book irrespective of what emotional phases the tale drives you through.

Yes! The book is a main stream love story but very differently narrated.  I give a brownie point to the fact that, the book maintains a very steady tempo and is not very melodramatic. The tale unknowingly narrates a very interesting social deficit in acceptance of happiness in love in the background.

The initial chapters are moderately slow but it catches up the tempo gradually and maintains steady. There is a beautiful tinge of  the love mischief and the tuffle which is very sweetly narrated. The Author’s language and narration is intermediary and easy going. I have to say, I expected some more surprises or thrills and other elements in the book drawing from what the blurb had to say. It seems that the Author tried to play the safest game and restrained his storyline within the boundaries of much tried and succeeded love angle.

In the end, the epilogue gives a hint of a sequel to this story; that only the Author can confirm!!

I LOVE THIS: The Authors’ balance of pace and the ‘love fragrance’ all through the book till the end.

THIS NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: There is a need to polish the use of language to give it a mature approach. Moreover, there could have been a subtle indulgence of other elements apart from love, given the fact that too much sweet love is contagious. 

ALL IN ALL: The story in all is a beautiful read. Its smooth; no bumpy ride. Readers can’t expect something out of the box or refreshing… but definitely this will remind you of your own love story.  So go for it when you want to read something light and breezy!



Hey Dad! Meet my Mom

full-cover-01-1 Title: Hey Dad! Meet my Mom

Author: Sandeep Sharma and Leepi Agarwal

Publisher: Gargi Publishers

Rating :

Cover: 4/5

Writing Style: 3.5/5

Presentation: 3.5/5

The title and the cover are deceptive of what is in store. Totally appreciate the thought behind the cover design. Yes it sounds very catchy and no it’s not a main stream genre. Lets have a look.

REVIEW: The tale revolves around Puneet who’s a banker and his quest to find love. There comes his wing man to his rescue or rather his 10 year old future son Rishi. The duo, then go on board to find Puneet his love of life, Rishis’ Mom. Soon Puneet becomes fond of Rishi. But Rishi is not seen by all…. How long will this last? Will Puneet meet his love? Why can’t anyone see Rishi? Why does Rishi call Puneet Dad!

Eventually Puneet is haunted by nightmares; he can’t decipher those faceless dreams. Who is indeed Rishi? The tale unfolds to his answers to every question.

The story enters into diverse realm of emotions. The readers will definitely have an ambivalent experience right from page one to the last page. It reflects tints of humor, untold secrets, suspense, mystery, romance and the some serious setbacks of life. The best part of the tale is that the Authors have very aptly given balance weightage to the characters. There is humor tickling you from Rishi, concerns and introspection from Puneet, and the women bring in the flirt of romance. Not for once the reader will lose the punch.

There are twist and twirls that keeps the reader on the hook and compels one to reach the end. There remains a constant long-winded fear around the character of the 10 year old Rishi. The story keeps juggling between tenses as rightly put ‘What happens when your future starts bleeding into your present through your past?”

I LOVE THIS: The Authors’ unique story-line and plot is indeed commendable. There is excellence in the ingenuity and the mind’s eye.

THIS NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: There’s a tiny miny need to polish use of language to give it a more mature aura. There is also a scope of maintaining the pace in the climax of the story as at the end there seemed a vague rush.

ALL IN ALL: The story and the book in all is a beautiful read. An unconventional refreshing plot. I enjoyed the frequent humor element; it did not put my jaws to rest. A sure recommendation for those who are looking for something light and something not so mainstream. A wonderful attempt by both Sandeep and Leepi. Kudos to you guys!

OVERALL: 3.8/5


DECODING LIFE. A short story collection by Vikas Singal


An anthology with plethora of emotions at every page and every story.

It’s a complete coffee table book and one can finish the book at a go sitting comfortably on a sunny day!

With this collection of 10 tales the Author tries to bring some unseen and untold emotions to light.

I would prefer taking you through each story and the expressions it unfolds.

The Taxi Driver: It is a story about Pooja and her ferry back home from the Mumbai Airport. It unfolds a spirit of a single girl in the busy town of Mumbai and the constant battle against the fear of the unseen and the uncertainty the city beholds. It’s very easy to be judgmental and pronounce your opinion, but every face that looks scary may not always have an evil soul behind.

A Rain Kissed Tuesday: It is a beautifully written love story which revolves around an inter faith love between Aditya and Arisha. It’s a story of a very pure and untainted relationship which remains incomplete because of the barrier of faith. This story will definitely remind the readers about their first kiss, their first unfinished passion in love. The love that only taught you to grow emotionally.

K.N Laxman: This was one of my favorite tale. Every time I look back in time is feel a void in my life. There always seems something amiss. This story about Laxman and his untold and unsaid loyalty towards Rohan. Although Rohan will no longer be Laxman’s superviser, Laxman still held him high in heart. This story is about the faith Rohan bestows upon Laxman and his urge to deliver the best not for duty but for respect that Laxman had for Rohan. Certain emotions remain unsaid while the silence echoes aloud

Glad That We Met : it’s a very lovey dovey story that unfolds the jitters of the pre marriage phase. While Rajveer and Priya meet for the first time as prospects for marriage, they have their mental notes prepared. This story is about how Rjveer and Priya fell in love with each other in their quest for an arranged marriage. The tale is about the silence of love felt in the tension of an arranged marriage. It is a very beautifully portrayed simple story that gives you a tingle of romance.

Switch It On: Yet another like of mine! This story very simply put is about how selfless small deeds and gestures that we ignore in life within the bigger selfish world can restore our faith in humanity. All we have to do is take a look around and note the tiny hints of life… the worth of smile goes thousand folds if you care to smile back.

The Mistake: It’s a tale of two friends and their unintentional mistakes that only dents their friendship, but once the role switch the friendship not only restores the dent but strengthens way more. It tells us about a very simple truth of life… certain things come back to you as a realization only when you step into the shoe of another. A reaction is always resultant to an action and therefore introspection is the key to maintain relationships.

Two States: it is a story about friends belonging to different cities of India, while Pulkit lives in Mumbai Mukesh hails from Jaipur. Mukesh had to visit the city of dreams on account of his new job. This tale is about how contrasting the two cities are in culture, crowed, whether and hustle. It is about how one seasons himself to a complete new and distinct lifestyle just to make a living.

The Shy Boy: At times one doesn’t have to try… love finds its own course; just like Tanya found her hero in a timid, shy and innocent Ravi. The cupid struck just when Ravi was trying hard to gather some courage to talk to the girl he always thought was the only one for her.

The Train: you may not like a person at once, just like Patricia who had a very wrong first impression on Peter. But as their train journey begins…their story unfolds. One can never know what life beholds; behind every face is a soul. Both realized though their journey started differently their destination will be the same!

The Mystery Girl: There are secrets and then there are lies. At times hiding the truth is healthier than lying. This story is about Riya, a bold and modern girl of the century and her visit to Mumbai. Riya was new in the city and was offered a temporary accommodation by an old time friend at his flat amongst few boys. Riya had no choice but to accept it. With what happened with Riya,  the questions there were raised on her integrity did not crush her but only made her stronger. It is very simple to remark and assassin someone’s character, that’s the least of efforts one can put in judging a person. But what one ignores is that such remarks can crush someone’s belief and self-esteem.

This book covered a rainbow of emotions like love, misunderstanding, revenge, fear and romance. Each story has a massage to decode and every code is a mantra to a better life.

There are some grammatical errors that completely puts me off. The author has to good content and thoughts to offer but there is a need for improving the choice of words. The Author needs to concentrate more on the detailing of the tales as there are certain conflicts of statements which cannot be ignored.

The book is a decent read for teens.

All in all the books was an average read. And as they say; there is always some room for improvement.

I would rate this book a 2 pointer on a scale of 5.

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The Bhairav Putras an epic tale set forth in the pre -independence India that revolves around a rebel of Bhairavwasis against British despotism. The central character of the saga Keshav Raichand, the young and dynamic son of the local zamindar and his companions, plot a revolution to overthrow the British imperialist from their soil. What follows is a nerve-racking adventure knit with nail-biting twist.

Interestingly the tale holds parallel plot which pivots around a hunt for a long forgotten book written during the rule of Ashoka-The Great. The book is the key to many undisclosed….even the solution to oust the British oppressors. When Keshav and his companions board the journey to discover this long lost book, they come across by four mysterious men of unusual strength and courage, The Vairavars. As the story unfolds, the true identity of these mysterious strangers unfurls.

Suhail Mathur, it’s an admirable novel with an amazing narrative that makes this book speak to the readers. It is laudable that you played with so many plots in this one tale yet managed to maintain the essence of all.

The tale is a wonderful interweave of history and fiction. A sure shot page turner!!

Awaiting to read the coming ones!!

I would rate this book a 4.9 pointer in a scale of 5.

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Myriad tales


So finally done with Suhail‘s Myriad tales…it was a wonderful ride from thriller to horror to comedy…the book is a complete package..U can feel a series of emotional twist with every story.. each story is unique in its own. It will be a treat for readers with tastes in multiple genre.

Suhail’s Atarahbaham- Mahabharata Remixed was hilarious all the way down. Was filled with quasi known characters..and the portrayal of every chapter of Mahabharata was beautiful. A sure proposal for a stage play! Saurabh Chawla’s The Raveled Mystery! is enticing the plot revolves around a triple murder and it’s investigation. A wonderful read! And then my school friend Ayush Agarwal..You were a surprise..your story The Letter is a puzzle that takes a reader to a’s gripping and keeps u hanging.. all in all the book is a treat of 32 short stories that rides a reader through a sweet, shocking, scary, nail-biting and hilarious journey. All the best to all the wonderful 32 !

Detailed review on each story coming soon…

The Shivputra Chronicles TRIPURANTAKA by Vikrant R Utekar


Here is my review on one of the most recently published mythological fiction- The Shivputra Chronicles TRIPURANTAKA by Vikrant R Utekar. The cover art of the book is designed by one of the most phenomenal artist I have come across, Anirudh Sainath. It has elements which generate enough interest in readers to pic the book. It depicts the lead character drawing a magnificent bow armed with the most destructive weapon to annihilate the evil.

The book is an illusory classic tale revolving around six gifted prodigies of the three Kings of Gods, who are the last line of defense between mythology and reality called the Devputras. The novel is set in the fourth quarter of the world’s lifespan-The Kalyuga. The protagonist of the tale is Chandrashekhar Kashyap, The Shivputar; the one who carries the gift of lord Shiva and Shakti, the manipulator of energy; the one with phenomenal strength and speed, the daughter of goddess Adishakti. The Devputras are the chosen heroes to fight the battles against the evil that no ordinary can fight. They reside at a fictitious place in the outskirts of Mumbai called Vaikuntha. Where the six chosen ones are in charge of training, survival and subsistence of the other sons and daughters of other elementary gods and goddesses. The tale starts with the Chandrashekhar rescuing Shakti from the capture of a Rakshasa and introducing her to her real self and the power she was gifted with. What follows is a nail-biting adventure woven with several twists and turns, that ends on a very optimistic note.

The story carries an interesting plot which pivots around a premonition of the rise of the greatest evil against the world. When Chandrashekhar and Shakti embark on an onerous journey to discover their own capabilities and strengths they are guided by the greatest of Gurus, the devout Shiva worshiper. There are several anticlimactic points in the tale that keep the readers guessing as to the true identity of the Devputras. The tale cleverly interweaves elements of mythology with the fictional events and this makes the narrative all the more realistic and one can connect to it.

Vikrant R Utekar has done a commendable job with the brilliant and power-packed narrative style that he has employed in writing this book–a more than promising start for a debut author. Interweaving so many characters in a single tale and yet maintaining the credibility and logic, is quite a challenging task. Vikrant has ensured this to the tee.

There is one aspect which I need to mention here though. The romantic angles in the story is handled in a somewhat abrupt fashion. Perhaps this is an area that Vikrant might want to work on. Having said that, the above factor is not of prime concern as the story is mainly a mythological fiction.

Lastly, the book ends with a subtle promise of a sequel that will keep the readers craving for more! One will definitely get hooked to the book !

I would rate this novel a  4 pointer on a scale of 5.

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The Serpentine Scroll by Alcatraz Dey


It made me sit straight and kept me awake till I turned the very last page. The book begins with an intense scene where the protagonist ISHIN wakes up to a dreadful dream and realizes he is in different country…..the book unfolds to the best kept unknown secrets and its colossal legacy. From the first chapter, it sets its hook deep and drags you through a darkly gripping story with relentless power.
The author has very playfully tackled multiple plots in the story which are intertwined yet parallel..the intensity of the narration pushes a reader to skip a couple of pages to know what’s going to happen next and who is pulling the strings. There is love, lies and secrets in various shades adding new dimensions to the story. A breathtakingly fast-paced thriller full of characters, head-snapping plots, twists, impeccable research, and a ride revealing unexpected and nail-biting suspense. A perfectly crafted hard-hitting, intense thriller that takes readers to the top of the cliff and dangles them over the edge. Alcatraz Dey commendably blends reality and fiction into one compelling tale.

The Serpentine Scroll is interknitted with action, brilliant storytelling, and insightful of social and spiritual elements that get under your skin and challenges the way you think as only the most talented writers can. If you’re looking for a mind-bending tale, strap in and take the ride with The Serpentine Scroll…let loose with the adrenaline rush which will not let you sleep till you finish reading it.
Interestingly the author in the end promises a sequel of this part..which the readers will be compelled to look forward to!!

I would rate this novel a  4.9 pointer on a scale of 5.

Book Trailer –

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Publisher : Red Ink Publishers
Price : Rs. 140/-

Maya’s New Husband – Neil D’Silva.

download (1)

I decided to start reading the book at midnight, a completely weak heart that I am I wished to beat the fear and embark the journey. Somehow almost half way through my fear overpowered my will and I decided to read the book in the broad day light.. It may have been a long time coming, but finally it is here.

Maya finds love and a reason to bury her past in her colleague at school, the art teacher Bhaskar. Though very oddly and obnoxiously portrayed character, Bhaskar had the darkness that pulled Maya towards him. There happens to be a play of two parallel plots that meet somewhere in the mid of the tale. Maya fell for unwanted horror that haunts her very night.

In the bright, colorful and loud city of Mumbai, there is a dark very dark lane that leads to the refuge of a flesh-eater. All that can be heard is the howling of hungry dogs and victims of his cannibalism. Victims begging to be released, and victims served to be relished upon.

Maya’s New Husband is a tale of a dark and fearsome terror that slowly unfurls from slumber. The story is about the unseen, spreading and quaffing the vulnerable, weakening them for the demon the master.

The tale is filled with well-drawn partly believable and diverse characters, naive, mysterious, malevolent, unpleasant and the easy to love.

Neil has an artful way with words, when he writes about fear, dread and evil, you really feel it, when he writes of longing, struggle and pain, you are in no doubt. For an author to have such a skill in his debut novel, is both encouraging and frightening. Encouraging because this bodes so well for the future of this multi-tombed story. Frightening, because what horrors does Neil harbour up his sleeve to unleash upon us, haunt our adult nightmares and give us the cold sweats.

The story flows with some stutter, and is not easily digestible in one bottom comforting sitting.

Without doubt, this is the series I am looking forward to coming back to.

LIFE AND PROMISES by Pulkit Gupta and Ila Garg

“Life is what we make of it!”

Ever wondered if you are running too fast to chase you dreams; that you fail to
cherish every special emotion of life?

You live just once and if you can live it right one would never have to struggle to survive.

Just while I was in a middle of a chase, I happened to sit by my coffee table and pick this beautiful novel LIFE AND PROMISES by Pulkit Gupta and Ila Garg. The cover of the book gives a simple yet etching impression… So you can guess that my expectation with the book was set right high! No its not really a main stream love story… it has an unexpected yet beautifully lasting end.

The story is about Rachit who is a dream chaser, yet a quitter. The story begins with Rachit narrating his tale to Khushi at Appolo Hospital Delhi..Khushi happens to be a bubbly, happy go lucky 19 year old girl who has occupied the bed right next to Rachit’s in the ward..

It dwells majorly into an interplay of flashback and the present. Rachit finds love in Radhika his batchmate at IIT-Madras. She is characterized as a very charismatic and a beautiful girl who loves Rachit beyond limits. Soon while the romance is budding; Rachit gulps a harsh fact of his serious ailment and his dream to become an engineer shatters right there. With all his might he stands again not wanting to give up and aboards a new profession in Delhi; to become a CA… Rachit and Radhika try to juggle their lives and balance a long distance relationship.. but Rachit falls short of commitment and unintentionally withdraws himself away from Radhika… he loses her to fate..

The book runs through different colours of emotions.. The book has elements of love, compassion, energy, hopes, desire and helplessness. The Author has very artistically maintained the absolute mood and tone with his choice of words to crisply depict every emotion. There are wide and well spread use of poetic verses in the book which are every aptly placed to set the essence right.

This book takes one to a journey within oneself.. you realize that the reason to be happy is within yourself.. it will for once force the reader to introspect if he is doing justice to his life .. is he fulfilling his promises to life…The narration in the book is so befriending that readers can easily connect to the situations. The delivery of idea and perspective is very strong. The Authors have ensured that there never is an off beat pause.

The book has a very surprising ending.. I bet none can guess until the end. All in all the book is a wonderful story that helps the reader to reflect back in life. The Authors effortlessly carry the readers to a beautiful journey within self. Very much up to my expectation!

A positive read for young readers and a personal recommendation for those who have lost the run to chase their dream!