The Serpentine Scroll by Alcatraz Dey


It made me sit straight and kept me awake till I turned the very last page. The book begins with an intense scene where the protagonist ISHIN wakes up to a dreadful dream and realizes he is in different country…..the book unfolds to the best kept unknown secrets and its colossal legacy. From the first chapter, it sets its hook deep and drags you through a darkly gripping story with relentless power.
The author has very playfully tackled multiple plots in the story which are intertwined yet parallel..the intensity of the narration pushes a reader to skip a couple of pages to know what’s going to happen next and who is pulling the strings. There is love, lies and secrets in various shades adding new dimensions to the story. A breathtakingly fast-paced thriller full of characters, head-snapping plots, twists, impeccable research, and a ride revealing unexpected and nail-biting suspense. A perfectly crafted hard-hitting, intense thriller that takes readers to the top of the cliff and dangles them over the edge. Alcatraz Dey commendably blends reality and fiction into one compelling tale.

The Serpentine Scroll is interknitted with action, brilliant storytelling, and insightful of social and spiritual elements that get under your skin and challenges the way you think as only the most talented writers can. If you’re looking for a mind-bending tale, strap in and take the ride with The Serpentine Scroll…let loose with the adrenaline rush which will not let you sleep till you finish reading it.
Interestingly the author in the end promises a sequel of this part..which the readers will be compelled to look forward to!!

I would rate this novel a  4.9 pointer on a scale of 5.

Book Trailer –

Book Source :

Publisher : Red Ink Publishers
Price : Rs. 140/-

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