The Bhairav Putras an epic tale set forth in the pre -independence India that revolves around a rebel of Bhairavwasis against British despotism. The central character of the saga Keshav Raichand, the young and dynamic son of the local zamindar and his companions, plot a revolution to overthrow the British imperialist from their soil. What follows is a nerve-racking adventure knit with nail-biting twist.

Interestingly the tale holds parallel plot which pivots around a hunt for a long forgotten book written during the rule of Ashoka-The Great. The book is the key to many undisclosed….even the solution to oust the British oppressors. When Keshav and his companions board the journey to discover this long lost book, they come across by four mysterious men of unusual strength and courage, The Vairavars. As the story unfolds, the true identity of these mysterious strangers unfurls.

Suhail Mathur, it’s an admirable novel with an amazing narrative that makes this book speak to the readers. It is laudable that you played with so many plots in this one tale yet managed to maintain the essence of all.

The tale is a wonderful interweave of history and fiction. A sure shot page turner!!

Awaiting to read the coming ones!!

I would rate this book a 4.9 pointer in a scale of 5.

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