Maya’s New Husband – Neil D’Silva.

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I decided to start reading the book at midnight, a completely weak heart that I am I wished to beat the fear and embark the journey. Somehow almost half way through my fear overpowered my will and I decided to read the book in the broad day light.. It may have been a long time coming, but finally it is here.

Maya finds love and a reason to bury her past in her colleague at school, the art teacher Bhaskar. Though very oddly and obnoxiously portrayed character, Bhaskar had the darkness that pulled Maya towards him. There happens to be a play of two parallel plots that meet somewhere in the mid of the tale. Maya fell for unwanted horror that haunts her very night.

In the bright, colorful and loud city of Mumbai, there is a dark very dark lane that leads to the refuge of a flesh-eater. All that can be heard is the howling of hungry dogs and victims of his cannibalism. Victims begging to be released, and victims served to be relished upon.

Maya’s New Husband is a tale of a dark and fearsome terror that slowly unfurls from slumber. The story is about the unseen, spreading and quaffing the vulnerable, weakening them for the demon the master.

The tale is filled with well-drawn partly believable and diverse characters, naive, mysterious, malevolent, unpleasant and the easy to love.

Neil has an artful way with words, when he writes about fear, dread and evil, you really feel it, when he writes of longing, struggle and pain, you are in no doubt. For an author to have such a skill in his debut novel, is both encouraging and frightening. Encouraging because this bodes so well for the future of this multi-tombed story. Frightening, because what horrors does Neil harbour up his sleeve to unleash upon us, haunt our adult nightmares and give us the cold sweats.

The story flows with some stutter, and is not easily digestible in one bottom comforting sitting.

Without doubt, this is the series I am looking forward to coming back to.


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