Hey Dad! Meet my Mom

full-cover-01-1 Title: Hey Dad! Meet my Mom

Author: Sandeep Sharma and Leepi Agarwal

Publisher: Gargi Publishers

Rating :

Cover: 4/5

Writing Style: 3.5/5

Presentation: 3.5/5

The title and the cover are deceptive of what is in store. Totally appreciate the thought behind the cover design. Yes it sounds very catchy and no it’s not a main stream genre. Lets have a look.

REVIEW: The tale revolves around Puneet who’s a banker and his quest to find love. There comes his wing man to his rescue or rather his 10 year old future son Rishi. The duo, then go on board to find Puneet his love of life, Rishis’ Mom. Soon Puneet becomes fond of Rishi. But Rishi is not seen by all…. How long will this last? Will Puneet meet his love? Why can’t anyone see Rishi? Why does Rishi call Puneet Dad!

Eventually Puneet is haunted by nightmares; he can’t decipher those faceless dreams. Who is indeed Rishi? The tale unfolds to his answers to every question.

The story enters into diverse realm of emotions. The readers will definitely have an ambivalent experience right from page one to the last page. It reflects tints of humor, untold secrets, suspense, mystery, romance and the some serious setbacks of life. The best part of the tale is that the Authors have very aptly given balance weightage to the characters. There is humor tickling you from Rishi, concerns and introspection from Puneet, and the women bring in the flirt of romance. Not for once the reader will lose the punch.

There are twist and twirls that keeps the reader on the hook and compels one to reach the end. There remains a constant long-winded fear around the character of the 10 year old Rishi. The story keeps juggling between tenses as rightly put ‘What happens when your future starts bleeding into your present through your past?”

I LOVE THIS: The Authors’ unique story-line and plot is indeed commendable. There is excellence in the ingenuity and the mind’s eye.

THIS NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: There’s a tiny miny need to polish use of language to give it a more mature aura. There is also a scope of maintaining the pace in the climax of the story as at the end there seemed a vague rush.

ALL IN ALL: The story and the book in all is a beautiful read. An unconventional refreshing plot. I enjoyed the frequent humor element; it did not put my jaws to rest. A sure recommendation for those who are looking for something light and something not so mainstream. A wonderful attempt by both Sandeep and Leepi. Kudos to you guys!

OVERALL: 3.8/5

WHERE CAN YOU BUY THIS?: http://www.amazon.in/Hey-Dad-Meet-My-Mom/dp/8192960986  


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