Via Delhi A Twisted Tale of Love


Title: Via Delhi A Twisted Tale of Love

Author: Sabi Shaikh

Publisher: Gargi Publishers


Cover: 3/5

Writing Style: 3 /5

Presentation: 2/5

The title and the cover gives away pretty much the impression of the book. Although I would appreciate the subtle color scheme on the cover, impressive. The blurb is very fascinating and raised my bar of expectations from the book.

REVIEW:  It’s a tale of two cities; a love budding between Mridu from Dehradun and Saifuddin Khan from Hyderabad. As you can obviously guess there is indeed a social barrier between the two. Both happen to meet randomly at an unusual chat room and fall in love. This is a story of you, me and every reader or perhaps every lover.

The book is indeed in every way a twisted tale of love, bait, commitment issues, community divide and a journey of romance. Mridu and Saifu too had to stand the test of love; they had to swim across the tide. This story is yet another epitome of how the strength of love prevails over the shackles of society. There remains a constant hold of the ‘love fragrance’ in the book irrespective of what emotional phases the tale drives you through.

Yes! The book is a main stream love story but very differently narrated.  I give a brownie point to the fact that, the book maintains a very steady tempo and is not very melodramatic. The tale unknowingly narrates a very interesting social deficit in acceptance of happiness in love in the background.

The initial chapters are moderately slow but it catches up the tempo gradually and maintains steady. There is a beautiful tinge of  the love mischief and the tuffle which is very sweetly narrated. The Author’s language and narration is intermediary and easy going. I have to say, I expected some more surprises or thrills and other elements in the book drawing from what the blurb had to say. It seems that the Author tried to play the safest game and restrained his storyline within the boundaries of much tried and succeeded love angle.

In the end, the epilogue gives a hint of a sequel to this story; that only the Author can confirm!!

I LOVE THIS: The Authors’ balance of pace and the ‘love fragrance’ all through the book till the end.

THIS NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: There is a need to polish the use of language to give it a mature approach. Moreover, there could have been a subtle indulgence of other elements apart from love, given the fact that too much sweet love is contagious. 

ALL IN ALL: The story in all is a beautiful read. Its smooth; no bumpy ride. Readers can’t expect something out of the box or refreshing… but definitely this will remind you of your own love story.  So go for it when you want to read something light and breezy!



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