The Last Surge….A tale of relationships by Pramit Sarkar

Name:  The Last Surge….A tale of relationships

Authors: Pramit Sarkardownload

Publisher: Gargi Publishers

My ratings:

Cover : 4.5/5

Writing Style: 4.2/5

Presentation: 3.5/5


The Howrah Bridge, the tram, the hand-pulled rikshaw and the beauty of relationships. This is so much of Bengal for me. The appearance of this book in all is so captivating that one doesn’t have to be a Bengali to taste the flavour of Bengal. Each chapter in the tale is a glimpse of the rich culture, the life and the essence of this land of heritage. I relieved my childhood summer vacations in the 200 page tale of love and emotions right in the heart of Bengal. This tale is journey told on the flipside of a relationship. The blurb is exactly how it should be, a beautiful trip into the tale yet not revealing. just what one needs to know to be drawn to the book!


This story revolves around the protagonist, Gabriel a footballer by passion and devoted lover at heart. This tale unravels ties of every bond a man beholds with his life. Rimi the female lead in the tale is Gabriel’s love interest and hiss wife-to-be when she leaves him at the altar for another man. Shattered and broken in betrayal, Gabriel quits his passion to nurture a beautiful daughter. A daughter not his own. While Rimi married a choice of her family.

Once a lover always a lover. This tale is an untwining journey of love. Not it isn’t a traditional love story. It’s a tale of relationships, it’s a tale that reflects vibrancy of the most beautiful emotion. While Rimi is repenting her decision and wanting to break free in one world, Gabriel is falling in love all over again; is daughter , he leaves no effort hitched when he is a playing a brother. A saga of a beautiful love encarved story is the Surge. Rimi and Gabreial meet again, fate brings them together. But it isn’t easy anymore. There are lives behind. There is a parallel livelihood that both have lived in.

The author has an excellent hold on his language vocab. His playful tone of vintage lingual treasure is a pleasure to read. His tale has the complete capacity to not just compel a reader to read his tale but to develop an urge to flip very page uncovering a very different meaning of relationships. This tale is a Pandora’s Box of mixed sentiments. Readers will have a journey of sheer anticipation in every page. This tale managed to beautifully hook a pace. There were moments of stillness but very rightly placed. The author, a very young chap, so adapt in communication that you will feel yourself in the tale. There are many characters in this story, each very subjective and equally relevant. Never in this read did I for once feel the need to turn back pages. It’s so very well connected. Every character justified if u don’t find yourself in Rimi or Gaberiel you will definitely find yourself in some other character but from right within the book!

What I liked about it?

I believe the passive aggressive language, the beauty of Kolkata, the reiteration of the essence of life in words and tale all of it was a wonderful take away for the Author in this book. But all apart I admire what the author had to convey with is story. This tale his not merely an aesthetic read. It covers a beautiful journey of relationships in the heart of a beautiful city.

What could have been better?

I think it ended too soon! I mean it.. The end seem quite a rush.  Given the beautiful built of the tale, it deserved both in a more generous climax terms of the mood an in terms of the pace.

All in All: If u relate to this tale at any level you will know that it’s not just a love story it has a different view to the emotion something beneath words something knitted so beautifully with the tale as a part of the same wool! Read it to know it!

Overall rating: 4.1/5

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