One Tequila, 2 Tequilas… by Supriya Parulekar

Title: One Tequila, 2 Tequilas…

Authors: Supriya Parulekar

Publisher: Gargi Publishers

My ratings:

Cover : 4.5/5

Writing Style: 4.2/5

Presentation: 4/5

Preview:11084186_1809150265976970_7232101713734277028_o  One tequila 2 tequila, 3 tequila floor!! No this isn’t the title of this novel.  But this is exactly how I felt when I was done with this book! I laughed. I was thoughtful (and believe me. I thought  a lot!). I fell in love. I learned. I simply loved the book. The cover of the book is as neat as an imagination. That again has always been the trend with the all the titles by Gargi Publishers. The blurb is just about the right content to keep the readers on the cliff. It is a love story but reiterated from a very unique angle.

In the surge of discovering how her mother found her love in Siddharth, Samiera reads her mom’s diary.

It was indeed beautifully written and it reached out into the depths of my soul. My heart just poured out as I read the last few pages of the book. Such a tiny book to stir such great emotions in me.

It’s such a quick read, but man does this book pack an emotional punch. The characters really come to life.


Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge..beta version but narrated is such a beautiful tone that if one reads it all you will feel is that the strength of love. No I don’t mean to say that this tale is a Bollywood masala, but this tale is a wonderful narration of how love can be sorted and attained.

The story runs in multiple angles yet retains the essence of one thread tale.

So do you ever know that you are falling in love? Can you guess if someone is just the right match? Are there violins that play, music that rings or cool breeze.. nope love is when you know that there isn’t anything beyond this emotion, love is when it just feels right despite the world beats against.

She was perfect, he was no was never meant to be for both. She was almost getting married to someone else. He had already failed in love and there wasn’t another go. But their fates crossed destiny had a written slate and it had to happen. Love had to happen.

This tale is a narration of a memoir of a mother to her daughter. A decked up marriage arrangement, the bride all set to marry someone who she doesn’t love..hoping against hope that her love storms into her marriage and proposes to her.. times tick and moments intensify the bride, her bff still cling to that bare little hope in the love she had, the anticipation builds up. Just when there enters the hero, not to elope but to marry the bride with dignity and pride he proposes her father for marriage and ..volla they are happily married.

Although the novel focuses on the love story of a married couple, there wasn’t a moment when too many characters in the tale took away the spark. The Author has beautifully managed to weigh each character in balance ensuring every one has a reason to stay in the tale. It follows the story line of any typical gossip of the B Town, the one we love to spice, there were indeed dramatic deviations from this fact, yet it held a great read!

The story flowed well and there was a good balance between reality and fiction, it in short seemed like a mission to take the seven rounds of the fire. Lightly put!

What I Liked about it?

The Author did a fantastic job of introducing the readers to character of the leads, the families and friends all that definitely resonated with the readers. This novel was very much about love, understanding it, pursuing it and how important it is to get the friends and families involved before embarking on something with a significant other.  The Author’s language is lucid and very communicative. Choice of words reflect the niche that take demands. An absolute delight!

What could have been better?

I didn’t really find a loop hole in the tale; beside the fact that this was too much of love dose for me.

All in all:  After reading this book, I will clearly recommend couples to enjoy this tale of tipsy love. At some point you are bound to relate to this story. This tale reflects where today’s generation stands in terms of relationships and love marriage. A good read for readers across genre.

Over all rating: 4/5

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