Logicops by Vaibhav Mukim

Title: L51l+EWJenYL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_ogicops

Authors: Vaibhav Mukin

Publisher: Frog Books Publishers

My ratings:

Cover:  4.5/5

Writing Style: 3.8/5

Presentation: 3.2/5

Preview: Completing a relay of science fiction I picked the second book by Vaibhav Mukim. since my last Sci-Fi read ‘LINE’ also by Vaibhav I have started to like this genre. I was appalled by the theory of how beautifully crafted a human psychi is. And here this Author has taken my though to another different level. This a neat little idea in a neat little book. The cover of the book aptly suggest the theme. And I really appreciate the idea of how Vaibhav subtly introduced his book in the blurb.


Book is probably a touch generous coming in at just over a hundred pages but don’t let that spoil your fun, what you have here is actually a twisted tale, intriguing in the telling and packs a punch other books only hope to imitate.

The Author tells the tale of three investigating officers who uncover crime by studying the brains of the accused. In literal sense by reading the psychi. Their knowledge and techniques knows no boundaries, their urge to decipher mind and the working of brains helps them nab crime before they are committed. This pre-empt art of analysing the mentality of the criminal is the actual protagonist in this tale.

The plot is new and untouched, the idea is un explored and hence the writing seems fresh and virgin.

What I liked about it?

What we have in this tale is a stripped down, no frills novel, with all the paraphernalia stripped out and all that’s left is inquisitiveness, story and action. The plot is good, the characters while clichéd still manage to carry the story along really more successfully than they should, all credit to the writers talents here people. Language and choice of vocab is commendable despite the difficult genre.

What could have been better?

I believe this tale lacked a maintained pace. At times it seems too hurried and at times it went dull. Toward the end the Author seemed in a haste to wrap the tale which could have been avoided. There also was a tiny void when it came to connecting to the characters in the tale.

All in All : I enjoyed it quite a bit, a short review I know, but in keeping with the length of the book I’m sure you wouldn’t want it any other way folks.

Read it, you won’t be disappointed.

Overall Ratings: 3.5/5

Where can you buy it:  http://www.amazon.in/Logicops-Vaibhav-Mukim/


Lines by Vaibhav Mukim

Title: L41bjTBceM8L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_ines

Authors: Vaibhav Mukin

Publisher: Frog Books Publishers

My ratings:

Cover:  4.5/5

Writing Style: 4.2/5

Presentation: 4/5


It’s been awhile since I picked up one sci-fi book. While I am not a great fan of Sci-Fi, I realised no harm in getting in the blurb. Since it is the Author’s b’day what better way to wish him all success and good luck than reading his work and starting to like this genre.

With this in mind I picked it up and started ahead. Now for those of you who aren’t aware of the Author, you will know that he is prolific writer right and kind of keeps to himself (I may be totally wrong).

Starting with the cover, very subtle yet imprinting cover and trust me in no way would this title ever give away any hint of what is inside. Its commendable and a very intriguing idea that compels the reader to turn to read the blurb. Again the blurb is an even fascinating dictum of what is in store. Lets explore!


The tale begins and dwells in three duration and three parallel world. We say the parallels never meet but here, the protagonist Siddharth is the root to the three. It begins with the protagonist’s thirst to explore, explore a duct that leads to a different world just like in Narnia but way way way different! Siddharth finds himself in some impossible, world-altering fantasy that whisk him off to an adventure in a parallel world.

The pace is swift and story engaging although at times it does feel a little derivative and predictable. It’s a book of three parts, the first exploring the backstory and developing the character, the second dealing with the present  distance world and the third closely depicting the end of life. While you could say this about many books, with Vaibhav it’s so obvious that you can actually see the switch, very rare quality when it comes to debut Authors. It’s a coming of age novel, one that should appeal equally to younger and older.

What I liked about it?

The author’s narrative flair helps here too, it feels personable, relaxed and ever so friendly. The cling to read didn’t settle even for a non-Sci-Fi person like me. It was engaging. Author’s calibre of intertwining three parallel plots is amazing as it, despite so much switch maintained its exclusivity.

What could have been better?

The chapterization seems too stretchy and kind of hold like a loop of never ending pages. Given that the theme demanded such bifurcation I believe the Author should have rather sorted for another way to reflect the same.

All in all:  This book ranged from short sharp shocks to a written well plotted tale.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Where can you buy it: http://www.amazon.in/Lines-Vaibhav-Mukimv


1st Job & 10 mistakes by Uttam Kumar

Title: 1st Jo519RkNxZNkL._SY378_BO1,204,203,200_b & 10 mistakes

Author: Uttam Kumar

Publisher: Author’s Ink

My ratings:

Cover : 2/5 not very happy with the cover; doesn’t really go with the title. Should have been more subtle.

Writing Style: 3/5

Presentation: 3/5


What next?  You are just in your final year or just a fresh graduate.. all that you look for is that little hope of a job..your 1st job. So what do you do? Hunt, find, apply, jugaad, and best is pray! Of course you know the dos and don’ts but what you don’t know is what has to be rightly done and what is a complete no no. So this tiny little book by Uttam Kumar is nothing but an IMP guide. I-In M-My P- Pocket guide of all one should know about the new journey of social security and financial liberty.


Since this is just the beginning of your new innings in life you will definitely need a daddy lesson before you step your foot in the rat race and the leech hunt. This book serves just the thirst to all the what? why? and when? question.

The author has listed down 10 possible and very common inadvertence that anyone can do in their 1st job. As a reader it seemed more like a practical guide which is articulated in a way that helps one note and jot the silly yet important what not to dos. This isn’t a story hence there isn’t an opportunity to decide a pace, but surprisingly there is a plot not in literal sense but in the sense that the 10 mentioned mistakes are threaded to one root. Though one will learn all these lessons gradually in life some after the 1st job some after second and some never but why take a chance to chase away the 1st opportunity.

The book seems like a walk through from the first person experience and this goes to show that the Author has been through and wants us not be through.

What I liked about this?

This book is a quick read and acts as a simple know how guide. The authors language and choice of words are appreciable, it’s easy to communicate and kind of instructional. There were jargons used yet seemed passive wen placed in sentences which is quite a commendable tactics adopted for a debutant.

What could have been better?

Since the book has a different purpose the content is not to be questioned but what I would really appreciate if the author could have played around with a theme to the book. Perhaps a plot in literal sense now. There seemed a need to keep this book compact so it kind of gave an impression that the content was too less.

All in all: This book is a pre-1st job dad lessons for a journey new and unknown. A heads-up to what one shouldn’t do and what one ought to do. Although the title demanded more, the Author rightly tried to justify his content.

Over all rating: 3.1/5

Where can you buy this: http://www.amazon.in/1st-Job-And-10-Mistakes/dp/9385137069