3 @ a Time by Diptendu Sekhar Chakraborty

three at a time

Name:  3 @ a Time

Author: Diptendu Sekhar Chakraborty

Publisher: Omji Publishing House Pvt. Ltd

My rating

Cover: 2/5

Writing Style: 3.5/5

Presentation: 3.5/5

Preview: A rapid campus spice. Love, drama, heartbreak, social making, friendship, ego and the list goes on. This tale is a tour of a complete campus atmosphere. If you are a pass out its definitely a walk down the silly past but if you are yet to go into the college shoes..you will see the multifaceted life that any campus calls you in. FYI not very impressed with the cover!! Could have been better.

Review: Deepankar, no different than any other college fame boy enters into a world of arduous truth. LOVE! The protagonist of this tale is one of those typical dude of the college who attracts the lovely ladies. The Author’s narration is in first person and ensures that the readers hold a connect to the tale. The tale expresses very flamboint diverse personalities of each character. The protagonist with his no end to life YOLO attitude wins over three girls. Oh wait or is it four??? There is a mystery lady too. But that’s for the readers to uncover. The tale revolves around how one deals with the college fiasco and walks with the utmost pride despite know the deep grave one creates for self. And trust me everyone has one. This tale is meant for a light side coffee table mood. Not really the ‘emotional syapa’ kinds. The pace is uncertain but is apt for a cozy Sunday afternoon read.

The tone of the tale is very fresh and youth centric therefore a sure draw to the college goers. The Author has also commendably maintained a very subtle humour that quite often will catch you off guard.

There is slight positive communal angle in the story that sort of gives a bright angle to the tale. The Author has very tangently but articulately described the most celebrated  Dahi Handi festival of Maharashtra and the strength in the unity of one not just to build a human pyramid but the factor of trust when it comes to bond with a member of other community.

What I loved: This tale is a reflection of college life. A fun to read; quick to be done tale. The language is lucid and quite communicative.

What could have been better: There’s a tiny min need to polish use of language to give it a more mature head. There is also a scope of maintaining the pace in the tale. There are grammatical errors and editing issues but am sure all well pointed can be taken care of in the next edition.

All in All: The Attempt is commendable. I appreciate the nitty-gritties that the Author has taken care of in the tale not making the story a monotonous read. Do not expect a stereotype love story this one is a little over the other side of a real love story

Overall rating: 3.2/5

Where Can You Buy This?: http://www.amazon.in/3-Time-Diptendu-Sekhar-Chakraborty/dp/9384028363

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