Ananya: A Bittersweet Journey by Shilpa Gupta

ANANYAName:  Ananya: A Bittersweet Journey

Author: Shilpa Gupta

Publisher:  Rupa Publications India

My rating

Cover: 2/5

Writing Style: 3/5

Presentation: 3/5


A teenager, an IIT aspirant well-grounded in morale and a brilliant student. But something goes wrong, she falls prey to the age temptation. Life gets to a standstill, there is emotional breakdown and wreckage in life. This tale unfurls a deep sense of belongingness that every child in the tender age need and the fact that the lack of it pushes the child to the extreme. It was indeed beautifully written and it reached out into the depths of my soul. My heart just poured out as I read the last few pages of the book. Such a tiny book to stir such great emotions in me.

It’s such a quick read, but man does this book pack an emotional punch. The characters really come to life.

REVIEW: This story is about Ananya who despite being an achiever is twitched in the teenage crisis. She falls in love with her best friend’s brother. Although he was just toying with her, she fell head over heal in love with him. She got pregnant. She knew it was a social taboo. The guy was in absolute denial. She broke down. Destiny faded right there, dreams crushed and she went into depression.

This story is about how family and friends revive life into the a girl who has lost it all. Hoping against hope one day Ananya will understand and evolve from what has happened her family strongly stands by her. Her journey of rediscovering the need to understand what love is when despite the world beats against is not just a herculean trip but a trip of bitter reality.

This tale teaches the fact that at times the absence of parent in the tender age of teens pushes them to find love beyond family and that’s what happened with Ananya.

The story runs in multiple angles yet retains the essence of one thread tale.

This tale is a narration of a memoir of a wounded daughter. Although the novel focuses on the story Ananya, there wasn’t a moment when too many characters in the tale took away the spark. The Author has beautifully managed to weigh each character in balance ensuring everyone has a reason to stay in the tale. There were indeed dramatic deviations from fact, yet it held a great read!

The story flowed well and there was a good balance between reality and expectation of de-stereotyping.

What I Liked about it?

The Author did a fantastic job of introducing the readers to the character of the leads, the families and friends all that definitely resonated with the readers. This novel was very much about understanding a teenage crisis and how important it is for parents and guardians to no more treat a teenager like a glass doll but confront them with the reality of life and the bitterness beneath the journey so called.  The Author’s language is very communicative. It acts as a learner’s guide to parents and yet maintains a character of subtle in read.

What could have been better?

I didn’t really find a loop hole in the tale; beside the fact that the end seemed a little abrupt. I was expecting a detailed climax since the positives just started building up in my thought.

All in all:  After reading this book, I will recommend this book to teenagers and parents with teenage kids. This tale reflects where today’s generation stands in terms of relationships and crisis it comes. This book attempts to break the stereotype of closing self in the black box and repent it breaks through into the idea of evolving from the wrongs once done. A good read for readers across genre. A thorough suggestion or this to be a part of school library specially for those who are hitting the age of breaking the enclosures.

Overall rating: 3.8/5

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