Her Resurrection by Soumyadeep Koley

herName:  Her Resurrection

Author: Soumyadeep Koley

Publisher: Gargi Publishers

My rating: 

Cover: 5/5

Writing Style: 4/5

Presentation: 4/5


Once before, I had spoken about a quote I came across on the note of being scarred for life…that exactly suggest the tone of this novel. It says “I just want to sleep. A coma would be nice. Or amnesia. Anything, just to get rid of this, these thoughts, whispers in my mind. Did he rape my head, too?”.  Can a scar never heal can one never be born again?

Her Resurrection is one such book to me.

It is very rare that a sensitive topic like rape, survival and conquer can be construed in words. But what the Author here has done is indefinitely an attempt to undo the stereotyping.

Review: Before I go about my opinion on the book, its worthy to say that the Author’s choice of the cover is phenomenon. The cover is simple yet so intriguing. The vibrant colour combinations at the backdrop of white, eyes that has so much to say, lips sealed tight and the tears of dark pain. The cover has so little in it but so much to say.

This story is about a victim of all the ill fate of life, a victim of poverty, gang rape, hatred, abandonment and loneliness, but the tale is also about a survivor, a fighter a challenger and the conqueror of life. Maya, at an early age falls prey to the most wicked face of life, she is molested , gang-raped traded for money, forced into prostitution and drenched out of life. She is left to sulk on her on self..she is left alone. But this is not the end, she begins a journey of Emancipation, Reclamation and Redemption.

This fight is not just against the criminals, but against the stereotype thought, the shackled customs and the system that condemns the victim not the accused. Maya fights against her own past the dead in her.

An unusual genre, his attempt to see this pain through the eye of a victim and the effort to put words that only run tears when thought off has put the Author to a different level. Every word in the novel, brings in life. His efforts with words and the emotions very much goes to prove the Author’s background and the social involvement he works for. There were moments I felt the strength in the redemption but again there were moments when I wanted to tear up in the pain that Maya held in herself.

The plot is very neatly built. The unfolding of the events have been meticulously iterated giving the tale a persistent cliff hanging mood. There are elements of surprise and moments of closure both in the tale. Which again is a very rare quality in an Author.

What I loved:

This tale is an instrument of undoing the societal blind fold. The Author has walked far from the fiction. The Author’s choice of quotes and language that are rare in colloquial use was an icing to read.

What could have been better:

All though the tale was gripping and edging to the end, I believe there were a few lacuna. There remained a scope of maintaining a flow with disposal of justice; to me, there seemed a vague rush. Also the Author could have worked a bit more around building characters to the need of the plot.

I really appreciate the Authors stand at the end. It shows how much beyond words the tale meant.

All in All:

This tale gives one bitter taste of the boasting male-controlled society and the stereotypical mind frame. It drives one through a journey of survivor who chose to blend the scars in her life with bravery. Read to know the dreams of flight that Maya bore despite being robbed off the little wings she had. I would personally suggest this book to readers and non-readers of all age. Teenagers primarily, cos very few books in this genre can actually make them see the harsh reality and the endless strength to surface in life.

Overall rating: 4.8/5

Where Can You Buy This?: http://www.amazon.in/Her-Resurrection-Soumyadeep-Koley/dp/9384382086

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