Hidden Husband by Shikha Kaul

hidden husbandName:  Hidden Husband

Author: Publisher: Gargi Publishers

My rating

Cover: 4.2/5

Writing Style: 4.5/5

Presentation: 4.2/5

Preview:  It’s very rare that a Book’s title and the cover both intrigues a reader. Shikha’s book very well did that to me. A sleek woman dressed to niche with a secret in hand and the title, Hidden Husband. What is it about the briefcase in the woman’s hand? God I wish I could open the case uncover the secret.. err but you guys can. Flip the pages and the tale shall unfurl!!


This story is a bucket of topics and genres. Not commonly seen is this rare combination of social issue, stigma, drama, love, romance and religion. The Author has very articulately interknitted the events in the story such that each bit falls on a different foot than other.

Aisha, the protagonist is a very chiselled character, high on moral yet wet in the corrupt gel. This typical Punjabi HR recruiter meets Raghav a very orthodox Bihari , a new candidate in one of her company’s interview days and the cupid sort of rings the bell. Love spreads blankets with hollow promises in between Aisha and Raghav. While this tale spins here, parallely the protagonist ends up meeting her school friend Sameer. Strings hit here too; Aisha was Sameer’s school time crush.

The Author ensures she discusses the essence of purity in relationships. Every marriage is revolt against something, every relationships have problems. But lies don’t sort them it only postpones the repercussions. This is what happened to this beautiful relation of Aisha and Raghav. Raghav’s lies to Aisha in the fear of hurting her love and losing her forever robbed him of his marriage.. he was left to the Hidden Husband. But this isn’t it. The tale has more. Way more!!

Talking about character sketch; the Author undoubtedly has an eye for details, she has clearly given a detailed thought about each of her characters in the tale the protagonist, the hero, Sameer who continued to linger an after image in my head after the book was done and Aisha’s confidante her bff!

Without giving you any more spoilers all I have to say is.. woa!! quite a ride

What I loved?: The Author has a very good grip on her language and commands an interesting talent of playing with words. Lucid I must say! I love the subtle irony she has reflected in her tale. The story is an amazing interplay of plots yet it manages to maintain its own essence with no spill over. Commendable!!

What could have been better?: The initial building of the story was slow, however from the middle the story gripped pace and my attention. I felt a certain rush in the end; since the end was a classic I was expecting a little more twinning.

All in All: The book is a joy ride for any reader. Will not restrict this read to any category because.. this one guys is not age barred or genre barred. But for romance seeker.. you must go for this one!!

Overall rating: 4.2/5

Where Can You Buy This?: http://www.amazon.in/Hidden-Husband-Shikha-Kaul/dp/9384382078

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