Interview with Capt Kunal Narayan Uniyal for Unanswered!



Capt. Kunal Uniyal

Q. Characterize yourself in one word. 

A. Seeker

Q. Define your book in a word.

A. Bliss

Q. Please describe what the story/book is about.

A. Unanswered, I know it is quite an unusual kind of title for a book of poems barring a few articles. Before I say anything more about my book, I would like to say something about myself and my thought process. Born and brought up in Dehradun, I have always shared a close affinity with nature. I used to love, I still do, watching nature and ponder how it can be loving and cruel at the same time. I grew up with my thoughts and took to sailing, a job were I fit in perfectly. My roving mind now had more to ponder about. Often have I stood alone on the deck of my ship, feeling the vibrations of a surging ocean underneath and watching the sky change its colours and mood without any indication. At times I have been frightened…. bewildered… mesmerized…all at once. I respect nature in all its aspects…its benevolence… its fury…its colours… its stillness…its suddenness…its unpredictability…everything!
Then I look at us…I mean we humans…we are the most superior…the most intelligent…the most progressive of all living creatures and yet the most miserable of all living creatures so long as we are shrouded in false ego and ignorance. Nature has its laws fixed and does not discriminate. It is we who draw what we call bad luck. I quote Cassius from Julius Ceaser” fault, dear Brutus is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings…”All that is required is an insight into ourselves and faith in divine providence. Here lies the crux of my book ‘unanswered’.

Unanswered is all about finding the answers which lay deeply hidden in the core of our hearts but we fail to discover it as we are covered with fog of ego and desires. Unanswered is all about revealing those answers.

Non fiction cum poetic novel are based on life as question and answers. Each poem is supported by an article explaining the poem and reason behind writing same.

So much of questions in me,which in turn coming from this mortal world led me to find answers for same and giving solace in this painful world. Why is there pain and sufferings, why do we die, what is morality, how can we become immortals are among those many questions which one will find answers to in my book in a very very simplified form. If my writing can bring peace into someone’s life that would solve the purpose for which book was written.

“From where it came,there shall it go”

Q. Briefly, what led up to this book?

A. Search of my soul, search of my heart, search of a vision which could answer to all unanswered question which rattle our very existence. What is the point practising spirituality when you can’t provide solace to anyone’s life was the question which led me to read veda’s, upnishad’s , purans where I finally discovered the gold mine , secrets of our existence and answers to our mortal existence. All I wanted was peace to this suffering life, from pain and answers to all undiscovered realities of life and thus slowly and gradually the fog parted and unanswered came into existence.

Q. What was the time frame for writing this book?

A. It took me almost two years to finish this book since each day some question or the other used to creep in which made me think about my work and I had to start from scratch again. Each day was a progress for me , journey to self degree in which I found myself growing as a person and thus led to continues correction in each poem, each essay I wrote. If you ask me now, I can say that “unanswered” is incomplete and with new vision entering my life with each passing moment, I can spend my whole life correcting my book and adding new chapters

Q. Tell us an interesting incident or an event that occurred while writing this book.

A. An incident, every poem or essay in the book is an outcome of incidences which has occurred in my life in quest for self-discovery. That’s why I have mentioned in the preface of the book that the book is based on my personal experiences with truth. But there was once interesting incident which I would like to share with you. I was standing on the Bridge wing of my ship, while vessel was crossing pacific ocean, cool breeze hitting my face, sound of sloshing sea and vast ocean. Suddenly I felt as if I had started flying and in a span of few seconds I was right above my ship. On a close observation I saw my mortal body still standing on the bridge wing and my soul staring at it hard. It was as if I was released from the clutches of maya, from this suffering world into vast vast blissful sky. Just then my ship shook and my soul returned to the body. This realisation of few seconds led me to write “the new beginning” based on my real experience of escape and return of soul from and to maya.

Q. Looking back, what did you do right that helped you break in?

A. I never lost track of me, never got carried away with life and always kept this thing in my mind that my purpose of life is not accumulation of wealth, success or ego but progress towards divine, towards my real self. All around me is maya which will melt from where it was created but my soul will remain. So let me discover immortality of my soul rather than get engrossed with material wealth and mortal existence.

Q. Did you have a platform in place?  On this topic, what are you doing to build a platform and gain readership?

A. My biggest strength, my powerhouse is social media which no doubt can make or break you. Each and every person in the world wants peace; all I am trying to do is to reach to as many people as possible through facebook, twitter, google, radio, newspaper so that they can get glimpse of peace and serenity which they can discover through my book. And with such helpful bloggers like you who gave me time and opportunity in their good blog, my job is almost done. This is his work . I am just a medium to spread his words in this world. If the book is good, it surely will be liked and spread.

Q. What is your favorite novel?

A. The real man by Boris Polisvey

Q. Something personal about you, people may be surprised to know?

A. O yes, I love watching cartoons and my day starts with doremon, kid vs kat, motu patlu and of course chota bheem

Q. What’s next in the pipeline?

A. Hindi poetry collection “Main kaun hoon, kuch nahi”, English poetry collection “Sparrow in the mirror” and epic fiction novel “Journey to the next level”

Q. Since your book is a treasure of poems, would you like to share one of your favourite prose from your favourite poet?

A. Although all poems are close to my heat but one which is nearest is


   Sailor to saint

Rowing my battered boat, across the furious seas

Enraged as an angry demon, ready to topple me

Winds hitting with rage of a dragon

Waves towering high, ready to smash my meek soul.

With dark engulfing me, trembling with fear

I watch that faint, shimmering star

To guide my way far from the tempest of mortality

To the haven of peace, that island of three lives.

I row with bare hands, my clothes tattered by the fire of wars

My hands raw, my one aim-to reach that star

Water filling fast, wood creaking sharp, I smile, my fate now known,

I emerge victorious, the battle won.

That star glows brighter, with a bright divine light shining on me

Waves gentle, tender breeze, soothing my soul

My boat docks, on the island; free of all turbulences

I look at my healed hands , from sailor to saint I turn.

Thank a lot on behalf of The Notepad Reviews. It was an absolute pleasure sharing this time with you!

2 thoughts on “Interview with Capt Kunal Narayan Uniyal for Unanswered!

  1. Unanswered is like pratibimb i.e.reflection of Shri.Tagore’s Geetanjali..
    I’m also unanswered while posting this comment… Just soul enlightening it is!


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