An Endless Refuge by Neela Senthil (Dr M Neelamalar)

Title:  An Endless Refuge

Author: an endless refuge

Publisher: LiFi Publications Pvt Ltd

My rating:

Cover: 2.8/5

Writing Style: 4/5

Presentation: 3.8/5


What really brings me to reading this book was intriguing title ‘An Endless Refuge’. Beside the title the cover of the book is an attention seeker. It’s always said never judge the book by its cover, trust me I didn’t want to, but this cover does makes me inquisitive. There is a graduation cap, a rope with a tight knot, a degree and hands reaching out to all these. For a first though I would think that it’s all about the main stream struggle of students to achieve scores and the aftermath of failure. But then that doesn’t go with the title… What would this book be all about?

The cover, I would suggest, given the nature of the book there should be more coordinated elements than just the figurines…

The book is an unfurling tale of four lives and many other lives intertwined to theirs. Every page you turn, you will begin to associate with one of these four lives. So let’s take a look!


Primarily, a tale of four characters, the book is about how despite the contrasting modules of life, their dreams is the same. The author, with her lucid language has tried to connect each scenario with an intertwining situation. Branching out with the story of a Kashmiri refugee Roopa, who is well read and aspires a proficiency in her degree to Kavitha who dwells in a remorse of her family issue that doesn’t let her free, to Sudhakar, a refugee who hails from Sri Lanka, looking for a guide who would accommodate him along with his own baggage of worries and struggle, to a professor, Prof Chandrashekhar who is willing to take Sudhakar as a mentee. This tale is a narration of intertwining parallel plots where all these lives meet at a root for a doctorate degree and then disperse in their respective lives. The Author has very well portrayed the chaos and nitty gritty of being and had been successfully able to make a reader believe in each character. The read will constantly keep you on the hook as to what may come next. Will complete their degree, will they overcome the hurdles that comes their way. Will there be an end to this endless refuge?

What I like about the book?

The author’s language is lucid send easily associable. Despite involvement of so many parallel character the author has maintained a stream of thought for each without any overlap which in this kind of genre is a commendable job. I appreciate the characterisation of each lives and the modest balance to each. This shows that the author was unbiased to any character per say and was articulate while writing this tale.

What could have been better?

There isn’t anything radical to suggest, however if there could be a slight drift of humor it could have lifted the intensity of tale, since after a point of time the story reached a plateau but took off eventually.

All in All:

This is a recommended read for all kind of readers, especially those who deter to leave behind their baggage in life. This tale will give you a new perspective of giving yourself an opportunity to embrace the endless refuge and chase your dream.

Overall rating: 3.8/ 5

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