Paradise Lost and Regained by Ratnadip Acharya

imagesTitle: Paradise Lost and Regained

Author: Ratnadip Acharya

Publisher: Frog Books Publishers

My ratings:

Cover : 4.5/5

Writing Style: 4.2/5

Presentation: 4/5


This isn’t a tiny tale, no it is even a fantasy tale, no neither a nursery fable and no not at all a Jataka tale as it may appear from the cover.

This is something that is not just unique and interesting theme, but it demonstrates a very gutsy stand taken by the Author. Its not a love story, not horror, no drama yet so much emotion. All the while reading this tale all my concern was ..under what genre do I list this tale?? The cover is a subtle blue star light night and a very pristine outline of a doe. Yes the protagonist!  This tale, from the blurb to the last page is nothing but a surprise. Read ahead to know more!

The most enticing par about the book is the beautiful blurb..err not a blurb but a poetry trace. A narration by  mother nature that asks the protagonist to share her story. A very interesting and a fascinating approach!


This tale is an amazing narration of how one defines a paradise. It isn’t the life after death, it isn’t the ultimate abode. It is right there amidst life. And one needs to find it within. The story is an autobiography of a female deer. She is not ordinary, she is a daredevil with the desire to discover freedom she embarks upon a journey of life. The Author in this tale has ensured that the readers get an opportunity to unfurl a beautiful and a mystic life of the doe through her eyes. She narrates her memoir from her birth until what I believe is the ultimate abode the paradise of her life. Her journey seems like the reader wandering in the reality of life. It’s very seldom such that an Author can connect fiction to the truth of life so well that they just remains a tin line of belief in between. And trust me my belief was dissolved in this amazing read. For the time I read this tale all I knew was the doe is expressing and disclosing the secret of her life to me. The reason of her survival to me. She taught me how cruel life can be and how one is destined to fight her way out to reach the end. How even when one loses to fate, life gives enough strength to revive and win. This tale is not just a close encounter of the living beyond the humans but a journal of learnings.

Every animate, inanimate, living and human made element around us is for a reason. And if the curiosity of the protagonist of this tale can create a mirage of life. We humans are too much driven by the intelligence to know more, we only need to acknowledge presence of the elements around.

The Author’s writing is so earthy, playful and gorgeous at the same time. He weaved in these metaphors about life and environment (in the most non-preachy way) and they blend into the story in such an organic, unpretentious way. A wonderful and commendable work!

What I love the most : 

The protagonist stole my heart from the beginning and I only grew to admire and love her more with each page. The Author told the story as if it were the Deer herself, she was breathing into the pages…The elements, the loneliness, the sense of freedom, the beauty and simplicity, the grandeur, the complex solutions to a simple problem, the ordeal…He painted all this with honesty and trust in words. Sometimes, I felt as if he truly believed who ever read this book would gladly and immediately, pledge money or time to this book. And I liked that most about him. His beautiful and heart holding naivety.

What could have been better?

I believe that there were few stretches in the tale that had gloomed the pace. It sort of created certain void and monotony, however rest apart was a sheer delight!

All in All:

The genre is unusual and I would say it takes great belief in self and the work created to bring something unexpected and unfit in the set trend of romance, horror and mythology! To me the Author has well justified his belief and this creation of his will set a new standard in the reading class. A sure shot suggestion for readers across all genre and age!

Overall rating: 4/5

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