An Endless Refuge by Neela Senthil (Dr M Neelamalar)

Title:  An Endless Refuge

Author: an endless refuge

Publisher: LiFi Publications Pvt Ltd

My rating:

Cover: 2.8/5

Writing Style: 4/5

Presentation: 3.8/5


What really brings me to reading this book was intriguing title ‘An Endless Refuge’. Beside the title the cover of the book is an attention seeker. It’s always said never judge the book by its cover, trust me I didn’t want to, but this cover does makes me inquisitive. There is a graduation cap, a rope with a tight knot, a degree and hands reaching out to all these. For a first though I would think that it’s all about the main stream struggle of students to achieve scores and the aftermath of failure. But then that doesn’t go with the title… What would this book be all about?

The cover, I would suggest, given the nature of the book there should be more coordinated elements than just the figurines…

The book is an unfurling tale of four lives and many other lives intertwined to theirs. Every page you turn, you will begin to associate with one of these four lives. So let’s take a look!


Primarily, a tale of four characters, the book is about how despite the contrasting modules of life, their dreams is the same. The author, with her lucid language has tried to connect each scenario with an intertwining situation. Branching out with the story of a Kashmiri refugee Roopa, who is well read and aspires a proficiency in her degree to Kavitha who dwells in a remorse of her family issue that doesn’t let her free, to Sudhakar, a refugee who hails from Sri Lanka, looking for a guide who would accommodate him along with his own baggage of worries and struggle, to a professor, Prof Chandrashekhar who is willing to take Sudhakar as a mentee. This tale is a narration of intertwining parallel plots where all these lives meet at a root for a doctorate degree and then disperse in their respective lives. The Author has very well portrayed the chaos and nitty gritty of being and had been successfully able to make a reader believe in each character. The read will constantly keep you on the hook as to what may come next. Will complete their degree, will they overcome the hurdles that comes their way. Will there be an end to this endless refuge?

What I like about the book?

The author’s language is lucid send easily associable. Despite involvement of so many parallel character the author has maintained a stream of thought for each without any overlap which in this kind of genre is a commendable job. I appreciate the characterisation of each lives and the modest balance to each. This shows that the author was unbiased to any character per say and was articulate while writing this tale.

What could have been better?

There isn’t anything radical to suggest, however if there could be a slight drift of humor it could have lifted the intensity of tale, since after a point of time the story reached a plateau but took off eventually.

All in All:

This is a recommended read for all kind of readers, especially those who deter to leave behind their baggage in life. This tale will give you a new perspective of giving yourself an opportunity to embrace the endless refuge and chase your dream.

Overall rating: 3.8/ 5

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What’s Your Story: Facts Tell, Stories Sell by Sankalp Kohli

whats ur storyTitle:  What’s Your Story: Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Author: Sankalp Kohli

Publisher: General Press

My rating:

Cover: 3.8/5

Writing Style: 4/5

Presentation: 3.7/5


Do you have a story that you recite? Yes, you do, you may just not know. Here’s a tale rather a tiny journal of life that renders a thought in a readers’ mind as to what your story is indeed. Packed with anecdotes and tell-a-tale, this journal unfurls a spectacular journey of life wherein at every point you can place yourself and tell your own tale.


The author, in this journal has complimented a story from how we begin and eventually end. It exaggerates on the fact that every day is a story of survival of every being which we either hear or create or are bound to. This book is a practical memorandum of examples which guides a reader towards the journey within. Very creatively the author has intertwined products to stories which can be comprehended with ease. This book is no life saga and does not meet any traditional angle yet has every capacity of connecting to a reader. The content in itself is such intriguing that once you pick this up you are bound to flip through the end. There are ideas, facts, trivia and all-you-know-how all packed in just 60 odd pages.

While reading this book, I was chained to how beautifully the author has connected reality to an art of story-telling. It teaches a reader to not just sell a product but also himself metaphorically when it comes to convincing via communicating.

What I like about the book?

 The language of the book is lucid; the author has tried to connect to the readers at every stage thus maintaining a very standard level of vocab. The easy pick and grab of examples and stories and their interplay in this book inspires quality story telling & self-exploration. I appreciate the author’s attempt in trying to create a guide through such a communicative mean.

What could have been better?

I wonder why this book is limited in context while it has the potential to make amazing dictum of the art of story-telling. The author could have explored further in choice of vocabulary since the tale falls a little informal. Besides the book is an absolute delight.

All in All:

This book is a must read for all those who live in self-doubt and meet an angle of breaking free. I would recommend this book especially to the teenagers and to school curriculum as this will give a slightly different insight of self-expression.

Overall rating: 3.8/5

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#IAm16ICanRape by Kirtida Gautam

16Name:  #IAm16ICanRape

Authors: Kirtida Gautam

My ratings:

Cover: 3.5/5

Writing Style: 3.5/5

Presentation: 3.5/5


You don’t have to be a seasoned criminal to commit a heinous crime. The cover is simple and very subtly yet conformingly depicts the psych of the accused in this tale.

Rape! it just isn’t the wrath of today’s generation, it’s a concern. Every time the primetime show casts one such incident and the nation is out there with candles in hand protesting against the unjust. One hardly ever realizes that the darkest tranquility is right below the radiance. This tale, unlike any other tale on this social issue is a differently narrated. It does not give one the insight of the incident but imperceptibly gives you a glimpse of the psychology of every individual allied to the incident.

Review: There isn’t a protagonist in this tale, like most of the other tales, there isn’t a hero or a villain. The pseudo-protagonist of this tale is the readers mind and his vision towards a tale revolving around such sensitive genre.  A 16 summer old kid, grandson of a fairly well off grandparents, born with a silver spoon in the mouth. Spoilt and adamant this 16 year old Aarush, does the unthinkable. His family falls apart. Life is done and dusted for him. He is accused of rape.

Its worth mentioning that the Author has an excellent sense of backdrop depiction. Given the time and the situation in the country, this story will be a breakthrough. This tale is not about a crime rather it’s about the aftermath of it. Life went standstill when this incident unfurled its bruises caused not just to the victim but the culprit, his family and all others related. It’s a read in the minds of too many characters giving the reader a walk through a small trail class of psychology.

It was an abounding situation when the righteous grandfather who once blindly trusted his grandson was ready to battle against the unjust, even if that would incriminate his grandson. The concocted tale of truth defying, pinching and reality hitting issue will definitely leave an after taste in your mind. One that will force you to think and think in every possible way.  There are flows of mixed emotions but not one that will give the reader a kick. Rather these emotions will sometime but for sure once in the read will make you confront the reality you chose to ignore. Aarush was guilty, he realised he begged for forgiveness but he wasn’t let go. Some damages are truly irreparable. The grandfather had regret of failure to raise a good man, h would have to take this pain and guilt to his grave.

What I liked the most:

This tale is a beautiful journal of quotes that will run in you mind for long. The fact that the Author managed to reflect this tale in different views is commendable. I appreciate her in-depth knowledge of human psychology that is very creatively put through in words. The most surprising element in this tale was it seemed like a motion picture to me, just that the picture was in fragments. Rest apart ,Well done!

Things that could have been better:

Too many jargons is quite a turn off for most of the readers. I would say the Author could have toyed a little with the language. For indie readers this may be quite a tough read. There were places in the story where there were some sudden lacuna, however it helped to maintain the pace.

All in all: A well maintained pace and a well tamed story line. This piece will be a good long run in the literary world!

Overall rating: 3.8/5

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BTW is kindle edition!


The infinite equinox by Bhavya Kaushik


Book:The infinite equinox!

Author: Bhavya Kaushik

Publisher: Petals

My ratings:

Cover: 3.5/5

Writing Style: 3.9/5

Presentation: 4.5/5

Preview: The title of the book is an amazing epitome of mild tautology. Fascinating, intriguing and wrapping cover that loosely revolves around the theme of the book. Commendably there was no giveaway of the plot from the cover.

As long as we are persistence in our pursuit of our deepest destiny, we will continue to grow. We cannot choose the day or time when we will fully bloom. It happens in its own time.


The tale is wrapped around the protagonist Tamanna, a painful reiteration of days spent on streets of India begging, a victim of a racket. Besides being a heart-wrenching tale of a turmoil of a girl, this tale is a compelling insight of how one can battle her own destiny to overcome miseries of life.

Maintaining a tenacious tone and pace in the tale, the Author has undoubtedly been able to connect life of Tamanna to the readers. It would be an understatement if I say, I connected to Tamanna, perhaps I was in her. I lived figment life of Tamanna through the articulate words of the Author.

There were times, reading this, when I literally couldn’t flicker, and felt like the bottom had dropped out of my stomach. But this story is beautiful, and enlightening and hopeful even through all the gritty, heart-wrenching, almost physically painful emotional rawness of it.

The Authors choice of subject, the language and the intention to convey is so well delivered that one actually, sees that the book is not just another tale of a girl. It is indeed a memoir of how we interpret lives. As very correctly put by the Author, we live a life of infinite moments, shade of emotions and a knit of memories. Every moment is an ingredient to a bizarre recipe called life.

Tamanna, stands to be just another girl, who gets her own share of pain and distress. This journey of her, is no dreamy walk. It is for real and she is just like you and me gearing up to what destiny had for her and tumbled upon what fate beheld.

The tale gradually unfurls a beautiful tint of blooming love. Clipped by destiny Vikram and Tamanna are moulded together. The test of time when fate tried to pull them apart. A story of how even in the most crazy crisis of life, love, friendship and trust hold hands till eternity.

Yes this tale, unearths the gory truth of the begging racket. If you have lived in India you have indefinitely seen victims of this racket. Tamanna is nothing but a strong, bold survivor of this evil world. She has questions, she has doubts, she has worries and she has her own little dream. This book unfurls her journey to explore every question, that you , me and Tamanna will definitely come across while reading.

Although the tale revolves around Tamanna, the book in no way side-lines any other character. Every character in this tale has a reason to stay. Has an answer to give. Very artistically knitted characters placed at the absolute juncture of read.

What I loved?

I am not sure, if such was an intent of the tale, but I learnt a very beautiful fact of life. Our fate is what is meant to be, but destiny is what one thinks it ought to be. The book isn’t full of jazz and surreal fiction but is an insight of what every other face we come across is living.

Now in Seattle, then in India on the streets lived Tamanna. The tale is a bounce-back to past and then a flip to present. This book has very essentially maintained a pace that will definitely keep you hooked to the edge. “Appreciably, the Author has a keen eye for creating an environment before setting in the story. Which is a very rare find.”

What could have been better?

I think the blurb of the book was quite a give away. There could have been a little less of tale in the blurb to pump up the inquisitiveness.

All in All: The USP of the books is the intensity of emotions it holds and the innocence that the tale unfurls. This book is a friendly read for all age groups.

I would recommend this one to those who have seen the good after worse and those who are yet to see the good.

Overall rating: 4/5

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Name:  Rapescars…they never heal

Authors: Gaurav Sharma

Publisher: Petals

My ratings: 

Cover: 2/5

Writing Style: 3.5/5

Presentation: 3.5/5

Preview: Sometime back I came across a quote that exactly suggest the tone of this novel. It goes somewhat like this “I just want to sleep. A coma would be nice. Or amnesia. Anything, just to get rid of this, these thoughts, whispers in my mind. Did he rape my head, too?”  a line spoken loud enough to pinch and choke.

Rapescars is one such book to me. It is a commendable thing to put down a sensitive topic like rape into words. But what Gaurav has done is indefinitely an attempt to undo the stereotyping.

Review: Am not very happy with the cover of the book. Precisely because a beautiful art work of girl on with scars is being over-shadowed by news article that I couldn’t read because of the language handicap. Going to the back cover – I believe use of slightly more suspense and drawing language would have added to the appearance of the book.

This story is about Akriti, a gang rape victim. Who fell prey to her so called ‘loving who is gang raped by her boyfriend and his friends. Broken from within, with no hopes in heart Akriti begins a fight for justice. This fight is not just against the criminals, but against the stereotype thought, the shackled customs and the system that condemns the victim not the accused. All that she goes through post the traumatic incident is more hurtful than the trauma of being robes off her innocence, her faith her trust and her love…

An unusual genre, his attempt to see this pain through the eye of a victim and the effort to put words that only run tears when thought off has put the Author to a different level. Every word in the novel, brings in life. It feels as if you are in a theatre act. You may want to stop yourself from feeling the pain that Akriti goes through. But the Author ensures that every word reaches your soul.

The plot is very neatly built. I would say that the Author could have articulated the language a bit more..

The unfolding of the events post the incident only goes to show how ruthless and clogged our society is. In all the menace of pain, insult, cracked soul, lifelessness Akriti does the unthinkable.

This tale is the bitter after taste of a rape incident. The blame game. The inappropriate questions faced by the victim. The inanimate condolences. The verbal abuse. The jeopardizing of future. And the heinous attempt the victim for her choice.

She chose to love someone, she chose to trust someone, her faith, trust and belief was crushed, she was robbed of her soul…but she is to be blamed

Questioned, interrogated, abused, tortured judged and pointed at; was not the accused but the victim. Such is the mentality.

A complaint by the raped and battered victim does no justice to her, until she is pushed around and mocked with like an inanimate doll by the investigators and the police.

The scar remains, but the pain heals. Why is it so?

What I loved: This tale is an instrument of undoing the societal blind fold. The Author has walked far from the fiction. He has been mature enough to rightly use terms, that are although objectionable but stands as an epitome to unleash the unspoken.

What could have been better: There’s a tiny miny need to polish use of language to give it a more mature aura. There is also a scope of maintaining the pace in the courtroom scone; to me towards the end there seemed a vague rush. I really appreciate the Authors stand at the end. It shows how much beyond words the tale meant. Is idea behind to convey a message rightly reaches the reader.

All in All: The Attempt is commendable. A voice of woman reiterating a horrific nightmare trough a man’s quill is worth appreciating. I would personally suggest this book to readers and non-readers of all age. Teenagers primarily, cos very few books in this genre can actually make them see the harsh reality.

Overall rating: 3.8/5

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