GuP- ShuP with the Authors!

“Place for you and place for me,
And time yet for some tiny Gup-shup,
And for a hundred visions and a little insight,
A place to talk to and know your favorite Author!”


Author of “The Refusal” ; STRI by Numerique Publication.

  1. Hi Ms Madhusandhya, I wonder if you wish to begin by telling our readers about you and what took you to writing?

Over the years my travels across our vast nation and meeting the interesting people from various sections of the society has compelled me to pen down my experiences. I love to interact and meet people, hear their story; everyone has a story to tell. These stories have inspired me to write.

  1. What is your preferred genre when it comes to reading?

Historical stories, biographies, travelogues and drama genres interest me the most.

  1. Tell us something about your story in STRI? images (2)

My story contribution called ‘The Refusal’ is a fictional account but inspired by real life situation. I had read a news snippet about a stalking incidence in Haryana, and thought of the plot. The story revolves around the notion that when women say ‘No’ they mean ‘No’ and has no other connotation to it.

  1. As we know you are a part of the Anthology STRI, Issues on womanhood, we wish to know what is it that drove you to write on such a series.

I call myself an indisposed feminist . Jokes apart, the condition and social standing of women in our country does not require my contributed adjectives to spell out the dire situation it is in. So when I heard about such an anthology, I got interested to write.


“When women say ‘No’ they mean ‘No’ and has no other connotation to it.”


  1. Do you believe in a feminist approach when you project womanhood in your writing?

Anyone who believes that women should have equal rights and equal opportunity under the sun is a feminist to my view. And yes I have a feminist or humanist approach when I write my stories.

  1. What according to you is the most imperative issue that every woman must learn and hold to her as a learning in life?

Life does not teach you only one lesson, but many. Being a woman myself, what I hold dear to my heart is my dignity. So one learning that I can share with my friends and readers is that, a situation where you have to compromise your dignity is never worth it. Undignified existence will eat away your core and not let you blossom to your fullest capacity. So never put yourself in a situation wherein you have to compromise your dignity.

  1. Your story talks about what brunt a woman takes when she chooses to refuse, what is it that we as woman can do to survive the brunt?

There is the physical strength and there is the inner strength. When we face situations that defeat our physical strength, our inner strength pulls us through those challenging times. Inner strength also comes when you believe that you can overcome it, women are much stronger than they may seem.

  1. What is your idea of womanhood?

Womanhood is one of the beautiful gifts of the universe. Be glad that you are bestowed with it. Enjoy your womanhood, your ability to feel and reach out as a woman. Celebrate your intellect, your physicality and your sexuality. Whether you are a mother, a daughter, a wife or a sister; be proud of who you are.

  1. Do you believe that today women are captive under the shackles of stereotyping? If so how do we break free?

You cannot generalize and put labels or tags on people. There are circumstances, reasons behind every decision, so one cannot sit at a pedestal and judge or stereotype them. How do you break free? Such keep doing your work with honesty and leave the rest to time to sort it out.

  1. How is your experience with the Publisher and the fellow authors?

My experience with Numerique publishers has been cordial, transparent and encouraging.

  1. At the end what is the message that your story ‘The Refusal’ has to convey to our readers?

‘Refusal’ was written to project one of the many unpleasant circumstances women have to deal with for no fault of their own. But come what may; do not get bogged down by circumstances! Overcome it.

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