Policies and some rules!

The Notepad Reviews is here as a helpful resource to budding authors. My reviews will always be free, and I ONLY post honest positive reviews!  In exchange, I ask you to help spread the word about my blog. Because I am an indie author myself, I may post an occasional update about my own work, but rest assured… YOU are the star here.

All standard book reviews are handled free of charge. I would prefer paper back requests, however, Kindle works fine too!

The Notepad Reviews retains the right to reject any book that doesn’t meet our scheduling capacity or piques my interest. I hope you understand.

Please note that even if your novel does not fit into the above categories, there is a high chance that I will be willing to review it, anyhow. The only exception to this rule is any content that is blatantly racist, sexist, or prejudiced in any way. These will be deleted immediately. This is a positive website, please help me keep it that way.

 If there is any reason why I can’t review your book, you will be notified.  There is one genre I absolutely WILL NOT accept; erotic fiction/nonfiction. This I have had to place due to my blog being accessible for all ages. Adult content is still allowed, just not erotic.

If you’re interested in having your book reviewed by The Notepad Reviews, please note the following:

  • I do not post bad reviews.
  • If you received a review of 3 stars or better, I will share it on The Notepad Reviews, Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon.com, Flipkart.com and any other online portal of your preference.
  • By your requesting a review from The Notepad Reviews, you acknowledge that you realize no time frame is being given on how long it will be before your book is reviewed. Please be patient and realize that I will get to you as soon as we can – I promise!

Review requests should be submitted via direct contact or email only.  In order to have your requests reviewed quickly please include the following in your email to thenotepadreviews@gmail.com:

  •  author’s name
  •  name of book
  •  genre of book
  •  blurb about book
  •  word count
  •  acknowledgement that deadline for review is not necessary and will not be given
  •  how file is being submitted for review (Paperback or Kindle Unlimited)
  •  cover art
  •  any other pertinent information you feel I need to consider your review.

There is a unique platform set up for those indie author’s who wish to tell more about their book. The Notepad Reviews will be happy to take you interview and post it on the blog and the Facebook page. All you got to do is send in a request for the interview at thenotepadreviews@gmail.com. Lets have do the Gup-Shup on your books together.

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